Campsite Rules

Season 2024

The purpose of these campsite rules is to make camping on the Camping Bad Ragaz (hereafter mentioned as campsite) enjoyable for everyone by ensuring hygiene, cleanliness, general order, and peace and quiet. It is in each guest’s own interest to strictly adhere to these rules and follow the instructions of the campsite operator and its staff. Above all, guests should be respectful and considerate towards their fellow campers.

1. Basic information

The campsite is a tourist campsite only. Residential stays or stays with the purpose of providing various work or services in the area is not allowed even for the shortest time.

2. Check-in & Check-out times

a)    The check-in and check-out times are as follows:

Camping pitches: from 3.00 p.m. on the day of arrival until 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure

Rented accommodation: from 3.00 p.m. on the day of arrival until 10.00 a.m. on the day of departure

b)    If the guests does not arrive until 8.00 p.m., they must let the campsite operator know (by telephone or in writing) before 6.00 p.m. on the day of arrival; otherwise, the operator is free to allocate the pitch or accommodation to someone else.

c)     Further details can be found in our General Terms & Conditions.

3. Cancellations

Our cancellation terms can be found in our General Terms & Conditions.

4. Fees

Visitors of guests must pay to stay overnight and must register with the camping operator on arrival. A per-person fee and the tourist tax are to be paid in addition per overnight stay.

5. Campsite guests

a)    All guests on the campsite are to be treated equally regardless of their status (tourist or seasonal camper), age, gender, religion, language, etc.

b)    Children under the age of eight must be accompanied by an adult in the sanitary facilities.

c)     Bicycles, scooters, games, etc. are not permitted in and around the sanitary facilities.

d)    Lost and found items must be given to reception staff and will be handed over to the local police’s lost and found office.

6. Pitches

a)    The specified prices include one item (camper van, caravan, tent) per pitch. The dimensions of the object (awnings, porches, etc.) must not exceed the dimensions of the pitch on any side. Additional items will be charged extra.

b)    After paying the fees, each campsite guest is entitled to use the pitch and facilities that they have been allocated. Neighbours and pitch boundaries must be respected.

c)     Guests are responsible for ensuring that the booked pitch size is adequate for their needs.

7. Choice of pitch

The campsite operator will allocate the pitches at its own discretion. Special booking requests will be accommodated where possible.

8. Noise and etiquette

a)    To avoid disturbing their neighbours, guests must keep noise to a minimum, especially from noon till 1.30 p.m. and from 10.00 p.m. till 8.00 a.m.

b)    Drugs and smoking are strictly prohibited in the public facilities of the campsite.

c)     Noisy work must be agreed in advance with the campsite operator and is only permitted outside of peak season (Mid June until mid September) and on weekdays from 8.00 a.m. till noon and from 1.30 p.m. till 5.00 p.m. Noisy work is not permitted on Sundays, public holidays and bridge days.

d)    There is «zero bass tolerance» at the campsite at all times.

9. Waste

a)    Waste must be put in the correct containers at the collection points, and only from 8.00 a.m. till 9.00 p.m. A fee is charged for waste disposal. Guests will be fined in case of incorrect waste disposal.

b)    Special waste such as glass, paper/cardboard, aluminium, tin or PET, as well as green waste and bulky items, must be disposed of at the guest’s own expense at the public collection points of the local municipality or in the containers provided on the campsite.

c)     If the guest leaves behind any waste or objects, the campsite operator will charge them for clearing up.

10. Cleanliness and order

a)    All campsite guests are responsible for keeping their pitch clean and tidy. Guests should be considerate towards other campsite guests and must treat the campsite and all communal facilities (sanitary facilities, laundry rooms, lounge, etc.) with respect.

b)    Dishes may only be washed between 8.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m.

c)     Putting pet accessories, shoes or rugs in the campsite’s washing machines is strictly prohibited.

d)    Waste must not be disposed of in the plumbing system. Wet wipes, sanitary pads, tampons, oil, bulky or foul-smelling objects, or objects likely to cause a clog may not be put in the plumbing system.

e)    Greywater and contents of chemical toilets must be disposed of in the special drains. The locations of these are shown on the campsite map.

f)      To protect the waters, collection basins must be set up under caravan drain outlets. Greywater must not be emptied on the ground.

g)    Washing or repairing vehicles on the campsite is prohibited, as is changing the oil.

11. Motor vehicles

a)    Driving (including for arrival and departure) is prohibited on the premises from 10.00 p.m. till 8.00 a.m. and from noon till 1.30 p.m.

b)    Vehicles may only be driven onto the campsite at walking pace and for a short period when arriving/departing or loading/unloading. Driving around on the campsite is generally prohibited, as is having the vehicle’s stereo turned up loud when arriving and departing.

c)     Electric vehicles may not be charged on the pitch.

12. Pets

a)    Pets are allowed everywhere on the campsite except in the sanitary facilities and the pool. Pets may not be left unattended. The animals’ owners are responsible for any inconvenience caused by their behaviour.

b)    Pets must be kept on a short lead in all areas of the campsite. The animals must be taken off the campsite to relieve themselves. Dog waste must be picked up in the bags provided and properly disposed of

13. Protecting the environment; barbecues

a)    Hedges, trees and shrubs must not be damaged. Guests are not allowed to dig ditches.

b)    Open fires are only permitted in the designated spots. Barbecuing is permitted on the pitch if an approved and functional gas and/or electric  barbecue is used. The smoke from barbecues must not disturb other campsite guests. Official fire bans and restrictions must be observed during droughts.

c)     Fireworks, open fires (Fire bowls inclusive), fires on the ground and disposable barbecues are strictly prohibited on the entire premises.

d)    Slaughtering of animals and other sacrificial ceremonies are strictly prohibited on and around the campsite.

14. Safety; gas inspection

All camping vehicles and other gas-powered items must undergo a regular gas inspection. Gas inspections must be carried out at least once every three years by a qualified technician. The vignette or an equivalent foreign inspection certificate must be displayed on the camping vehicle’s door or window and must be clearly visible from the outside.

15. Liability

a)    Campsite guests and their visitors are liable for all damage they cause intentionally or negligently. The campsite operator assumes no liability, if the infrastructure or belongings of campsite guests or their visitors are lost, stolen or damaged (e.g. due to fire or natural hazards).

b)    The use of Infrastructure, such as playground and pool is at the guests own risk. Children must be supervised by their parents any time.

c)     The campsite operator must be notified immediately of any such incidents.

16. Conduct; rules and regulations

a)    Instructions may only be issued on the campsite by its staff, contracted security personnel on its behalf, or the relevant authorities.

b)    By being on the campsite, guests are automatically deemed to have accepted the site rules and any public regulations of the municipality of Lauterbrunnen.

c)     Anyone who does not observe the rules relating to order, noise, cleanliness and consideration towards others will be banished from the site after being issued with a warning. In such case, any camping fees already paid will not be refunded.

17. Applicable law

The laws of the Swiss Confederation apply.

18. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is the legal seat of the campsite operator.

If you have any suggestions, requests or complaints, please contact reception.

We wish all campsite guests a pleasant, fun and relaxing stay.

Bad Ragaz, January 2024


Campsite operator

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